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What I'm up to

I had a jam packed Fringe September with producing and performing my first Solo Show- TINY WITCH, serving on the Director's Cohort for the Bearded Ladies' Late Night Snacks, workshopping a mashup of film and devising with Pig Iron, beginning my ceramics journey  at Fleisher, and serving as the Community Care Liaison for Delaware Shakespeare's Community Tour production of Cymbeline. Everything went super well and I'm beyond thrilled, proud and honored of all the work I made and the amazing folks I had the opportunity to work with.

The start of October saw me traveling to Biddeford, Maine to participate in MK Tuomanen's Subcircle Residency as a props designer and second outside eye for their latest work, Kween. A solo show about trans mythology and recovery from codependency. We anticipate a second round of development for the piece in Minneapolis in early November. October also saw the completion of my role as Community Care Liaison for the magical and virtuosic Cymbeline,. My ceramics studies at Fleisher continue with great delight! I hope to add Dark Room Photography and Basket Weaving to my studies this winter. Be sure to check out the Gallery for pics of some of this work.

I am excited to begin a new collaborative relationship with Obvious Agency as one of their Hospitality and Care Coordinators for their upcoming project, Space Opera which will begin workshopping in late November and early December of this year.

And most thrilling of all- I took a leap of faith and leased myself an art studio space! I'm excited to see what having this space will provide me as an artist and maker. I hope to begin offering my original art work for sale, as well as starting a Patreon before the end of 2023. I'm doing my best to take things slow and not put too much pressure on it before it's even ready!  Stay tuned for more news from me next month!

xxo iz 

updated October 20th, 2023 

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